Sunday, December 17, 2017


I hope not only will you be still and listen. But also be still to feel.  Up until recently, I thought of the Holy Ghost as a voice I might be able to hear if I was still enough.  I waited patiently to hear him.  I waited and waited and waited only to never hear the profound voice of God. 

I thought he might sound rather brutish, almost like a bouncer outside a powerful rock and roll concert door.  This was not the case at all.  Instead, it wasn't a voice at all, it was a feeling.

The Holy Ghost came to me on the back of my husband's Harley Davidson motorcycle driving back from a very quaint church service this morning.  I thought to myself how foolish was I to assume it would be vocal.  This feeling wrapped around not only my body but also around the entire bike.  I cried not tears of hurt, but tears of tears.  Not crying for any reason, but rather crying for every reason.  Feeling full of God's grace, I cried.  I wept with the Holy Ghost for all those who did not have the joy I was experiencing. 

This advent season don't be still and listen, but do be still to feel.

God bless the Holy Ghost.  As we pulled onto Hwy 59, a car veered into our lane and my husband clinched the handle bars of the machine and I was calm knowing Christ was with us. 

Be calm and feel this season.  You just might enjoy a good cry.

Merry Christmas.