Saturday, March 10, 2018

Right Now Realtor

Right now for a limited time only, I am accepting 4.00% listings in an effort to increase inventory.  I have had push back from my fellow Realtors for they are accustomed to a higher pay check.

Guess what, I work for seller clients.  I serve Realtors.  If I choose to give back to these fortunate savers, it is not up to the Realtors.  My company has it's own business plan.  As a matter of fact, it is illegal to make company commission standards as an industry. 

Our inventory is at an all time low.  Many sellers are holding for the top of the market and are seeking the vacation rental income.  Many buyers are frantically looking for solid real estate assets with proven rental income right now. 

I know Realtors will help their clients find, negotiate and close RIGHT NOW transactions and still be paid a healthy fee.   Perhaps the issue isn't the reduced commissions but rather their broker splits.  Hey, Realtors, if you are producing and are great at negotiating, talk with your brokers to gain back your potential.  The key factor here is, IF you are producing. 

Right now, if you are seeking to list at 4.00% and willing to list at market value, not thousands above, I'm your RIGHT NOW REALTOR.

Let's get you to SOLD and SAVE you thousands in fees.

This blog brought to you by Find It - Live It, your RIGHT NOW GO TO REALTOR.

Tesa Morgan, Broker/ Owner
Alabama Coastal Properties, Inc.